YK Galaxy Junior Soccer Team will focus on girls and boys fundamental soccer skills ages 6 - 17+ years old. All players will be subjected to an all year around, unique technical training sessions, including exhibition games and in/out tournaments, and also opportunity to collaborate with First Mobile Sports Academy of Montreal in European Tournaments that they travel to every summer (for those that want to take soccer to the next level and hope to be scouted by European Big Soccer Clubs or Canadians/ States soccer teams). We will also help players on one on one training to provide our players the right advice, guidance and motivation. We will encourage and work with your soccer player to develop the required attitude and skills that will give him/her the strength to push themself to the peak of their ability, both physically and mentally.


Special attention will be given to the areas that need to be Developed in your skill level. YK Galaxy will monitor and document the progress of each player and record their training/games as well as performance.


** In order to Achieve the above goals our programs are categorized in groups according to ages. Our Winter Season running from OCTOBER to APRIL training 3 times/week, with DECEMBER as our break, and Summer Season will run from JUNE to JULY training 3/4 times/week. Break during August and September.




Pre-elementary program.

The Yk Galaxy Pre-Elementary program is our GalaxyMini program, a high energy program introducing children to fundamental principles such as using your feet, dribbling and the basic rules of the game.


We have designed this elementary training program to develop/ help to understand the purpose aim of the game and we offer High Quality Demonstration.


-Passing and Supporting


-Ball control


-Running/Turning with the ball.


-Ball Heading



Elements of the Intermediate soccer training program.


-Passing and Supporting


-Ball control


-Running/Turning with the ball.


-Heading - To defend - To attack


-Individual and group defending


- Man to Man and zonal marking


- Shooting , Defending and Goalkeeping


 -Systems of Play


- 4 -4 - 2


- 4 -3 - 3


- 5 - 3 - 2


ADVANCED Under/15+

A more advanced training program.


-Passing and Supporting


-Ball control , Running / Turning with the ball


-Heading - To defend - To attack




- Pressing / Count attack


- Switch of play


 -Defending and Attacking the final third of the pitch.


-Systems of play


-4 -4 - 2


- 4 -3 - 3


- 5 - 3 - 2


Team Guidelines:



1. Proper soccer footwear and shin pads will be required at every training session and games provided by the player. YK Galaxy will provide a soccer kit upon receiving registration and season fees, soccer kit includes: 2 Team jerseys, 2 pairs of socks, training t-shirt, team tracksuit, water bottle and soccer bag.


2. Players attendance will be important to the players development, therefore he/she must not miss more than 5 training sessions in a month or the consequence will be losing their spot to a new member needing to join the team. *(Unless a special reasoning has been given i.e. illness/injury or family matters).


3. If player withdraws from a season, player will lose their spot and registration will end. Upon return, player will need to re-register since their membership would have ended. YK Galaxy will not reserve a spot for a missed season. Player must be both registered and season fee paid to guarantee their spot. A hold fee will be required if player misses a season due to a reasoning.


4. Player will be required to be on time for training practice, and must be respectful to all YK Galaxy Junior Soccer Team coaching staff and dedicated volunteer parents, as well as to other players. Or a consequence will be considered.


5. Player's physical effort and focus must reflect a commitment to the development program in order to learn and maintain skills and game play (depending on the age group level).